Watervliet Dome has pickleball

The City of Watervliet has opened a space for pickleball. The city owns a dome for recreation sports at 1300 2nd Ave, Watervliet. It has lines for four pickleball courts, though only two nets are currently available. You can bring your own nets to use the other courts.

Sean O’Donnell, a Latham pickleball enthusiast, has posted a lot of information on the Pickleball of the Capital District Facebook Group about the space.

Key fobs that allow entry into the dome are available at City Hall for $10 and per person cost for using the courts is $5 each time you play.

The dome is unheated, so dress accordingly! Here are some pictures that O’Donnell posted on Facebook.

The outer walls can be removed so it is a pavilion in the summer.

The dome hosts youth sports and other activities. Those sessions are posted on the city’s website, but the space if available for pickleball otherwise.

O’Donnell is also posting updates on the Latham pickleball Team Reach group. You can download the app and join the group with this code: PickleLatham33

O’Donnell suggested that anyone who gets a fob and is organizing games should post the game times on Team Reach so people know when the courts are available/unavailable.

O’Donnell share this email from the Watervliet mayor about using the dome:

As we discussed yesterday, you can have any come to city hall and pick up a key fob for $10, which they will get when they decide to turn it in. Everyone that plays needs to sign the waiver. They can play anytime from 8am to around 4 M-F as long as there is NO scheduled events that is on the website www.Watervlietbooking.org

All games are pick up and each person is asked to give a $5 fee to help defer costs for the use of the facility.

They can Venmo Sean and he can pay the lump fee or envelopes will be left at the front widow and ask to leave it by leaving the envelope at the front desk behind the office window.

A private group uses the lobby M-F Pickleball guests are not allowed to “warm” up or stay in the lobby while they are using the room, unless to access the bathrooms.

If anyone finds a problem with the facility, like something is broken, or missing bathroom products, please contact Rosie and she’ll see that it is taken care of Rosie, will be the contact person regarding questions on the building or any scheduling questions, feel free to cc me as well till she gets better acquainted with the programs.

Please leave the room as you found it, ex. Empty water bottles… Please return the nets to the back wall after use. This is an attempt to help make it easier for everyone, we may need to modify the or add as we think we need to make it a nice program for everyone.

And yes, it’s cold. Dress warm.

O’Donnell asked the mayor if the dome might be available in the evenings and this is the response he received, “Currently there was no limit, but we did intend it to be restricted to certain hours as was in the flyer. With that said, I don’t see any problem with after work as long as the floors aren’t already booked. The main intent is to see the facility used for everyone and with multiple interests with little impact on workload to our staff.”

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