Upstate Pickleball announces clinics at Sportime

Upstate Pickleball, the new pickleball instruction venture created by Gina Family and her coaching partners, has announced a slate of clinics in January, including several at Sportime Schenectady. Sportime is a new venue for the Upstate Pickleball outfit.

There are a lot of sessions to choose from.

Pickleball 101 Clinics

These clinics are for those brand new players, no experience or equipment necessary.

Pickleball 102 Clinics

Build on Pickleball 101 basics by taking the next step and diving deeper into the skills and techniques

Advanced Novice Clinics

For players who have been playing consistently for more than 6 months, these advanced novice clinics will focus on strategy and improvement.

Visit Upstate Pickleball to register and find more clinics.