Upstate NY Pickleball offers Guided Open Play for novice players

Upstate NY Pickleball published its February clinics and there is something new and creative in the line up.

The instructors at Upstate realized that their novice pickleball players didn’t have the confidence to jump into Open Play sessions at the local venues. So Upstate is offering several sessions of Guided Open Play.

“Geared towards the novice player, our Guided Open Play program will help you learn the ins and outs of Pickleball Open Play with the help of one of our experienced team members. We will explain the social setting, how Open Play is structured, as well and provide assistance on game play, including rules, rotations, and skill tips and tricks.”

Register for Upstate NY clinics here.

This program blends well with Pickleball518’s upcoming Novice Club. Students of Upstate NY Pickleball will get a special discount in Pickleball518’s Novice Club.