Results from 2023 Spring Compass Draw Tournament in the Capital Region

The final results from the first Compass Draw Tournament in the Capital Region are available.

The Compass Draw Tournament is a waterfall style tournament that was played over several months with players arranging games themselves once they were assigned a new opponent. Read more about it: What is this Compass Draw tournament coming to the Capital Region?

Registration is open for a 2023 Fall Compass Draw Tournament.

Winners received gift certificates to Pickleball Galaxy, a pickleball supply store in Clifton Park. Congratulations to the winners!

Men’s 3.0/3.5 Singles 

  • Main Bracket Winner:  Anton Gross
  • Consolation Bracket Winner:  Tom White

Women’s 3.0 Doubles

  • Main Bracket Winners:  Pat Mitchell & Ann Garbiras and Deborah Depoalo & Nancy Holsberger
  • Consolation Bracket Winner:  Suzanne Dingley & Nancy Reilly

Women’s 3.5/4.0 Doubles

  • Main Bracket Winner:  Judy Carnavos & Betty Bellinger
  • Consolation Bracket Winner: Theresa Maneen & Jessica Samplaski

Men’s 3.5/4.0 Doubles

  • Main Bracket Winner:  Jim Mazzoccone & Steve Frye
  • Consolation Bracket Winner:  Young Choi & Austin Hubbard

Mixed 3.0 Doubles

  • Main Bracket Winner:  Kathy Farone & Richard Unger
  • Consolation Bracket Winner:  Thomas Murray & Kathy Dunn

Mixed 3.5/4.0 Doubles

  • Main Bracket Winner:  Kate Tymeson & Michael Tymeson
  • Main Bracket Runner-Up:  Sarah Israel & Michael Rose
  • Consolation Bracket Winner:  Tina Palmero & Tom White
  • Consolation Bracket Runner-Up:  Michael Marosek & Phung Tang