Results from 2023 Dink for A Cure Pickleball Tournament

More than 100 players competed in the 2023 Dink for A Cure Pickleball Tournament to benefit the Arthritis Foundation on Sept. 30/Oct. 1, 2023. You can see lots of photos here and below are the results:

Mixed Doubles – Advanced

Gold: Kayla Benner & Mark Nealon

Silver: Megan Soden & Steve Frye

Bronze: Alison Sylvia & Christopher Fletcher

Mixed Doubles – Intermediate

Gold: Jess Samplaski & James FitzGerald

Silver: Susan Comito & Bryan Kelsey

Bronze: Jennifer Kendrick & Joe Comito

Mixed Doubles – Novice

Gold: Ashley Bray & Omar Santiago-Rodriguez

Silver: Kimberly Thompson & Kyle Pratt

Bronze: Heather Moss & Nicholas DeVito

Womens Doubles – Advanced

Gold: Kayla Benner & Alison Sylvia

Silver: Marina Metzold & Hailee Metzold

Bronze: Susan Poisson-Dollar & Caren Price

Womens Doubles – Intermediate

Gold: Debbie Beckos & Suzanne Seay

Silver; Margaret Evans & Mary Musca

Bronze: Jennifer Kendrick & Susan Comito

Womens Doubles – Novice

Gold: Lisa Artino & Donna Michele

Silver: Clare Miner & Tammy Thayer

Bronze: Corinne Cioffi & Megan Kelsey

Mens Doubles – Advanced Intermediate

Gold: David Maher & Michael Amico

Silver: Thomas Marron & Tim O’Connor

Bronze: Michael Natale & Christopher Fletcher

Mens Doubles – Intermediate

Gold: Joe Comito & Bryan Kelsey

Silver: Ryan Kass & Chinna Melam

Bronze: Gregory Dedrick & Landon Dedrick