Results from 2023 Chuck Allen pickleball tournament

More than 200 players and 140 teams competed in the 3rd Annual Chuck Allen Memorial Pickleball Tournament in Queensbury on July 29-30, 2023.

The tournament’s main sponsors were United Professional Advisors,  CDPHP and Pickleball Galaxy.  The tournament raised $7,000  that will benefit Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne. 

Photos courtesy of James Kafka

The men’s intermediate division was postponed to Aug. 5 because of rain.

And the winners are…

Women’s Intermediate Division

Gold: Divya Bhati & Tina Palmero

Silver: Holly Traver & Jennifer Kendrick

Bronze: Jess Samplaski & Susan Comito

Honorable Mention: Marylou Vosburg & Jayne Belair

Women’s Advanced Division

Gold: Marina Metzold & Sydnee Metzold

Silver: Becky Kern and Deb Murray

Bronze: Pam Mantas & Meg Culligan

Honorable Mention: Cathy Taylor & Ann Slattery

Advanced Men Over 50

Gold: Larry Cuilla & Alan Ball

Silver: Joe Lamb & Dan Buffone

Bronze: Jorge Aguilara & Joe Casey

Honorable Mention: Don Bossow & Mark Shevlin

Advanced Men Under 50

Gold: Niko Tumela & Dwayne Eckert

Silver: Chris Crucetti & John Richburg

Bronze: Joseph Schember & Andrew Fishlinger

Honorable Mention: Andy Hilliard & Mike Mashuta

Advanced Mixed Over 50

Gold: Marina Metzold & Bart Metzold

Silver: Fayne Frey and Glen Yayaian

Bronze: Maryanne Lee & Frank Lee

Honorable Mention: Sara Mannix & Mark Mannix

Advanced Mixed Under 50

Gold: Sydnee Metzold & Chris Crucetti

Silver: Kim Taylor & Mike McGovern Bronze:

Victoria Garcia & Michael Rose

Honorable Mention: Diane Fronhofer & Greg Dedrick

Intermediate Mixed Under 50

Gold: Anton Gross & Suzanne Seay

Silver: Jess Samplaski & Joe Carrasone

Bronze: EJ Hakala & Linda Robinson

Honorable Mention: Debbie Beckos & Jamie Johnson

Intermediate Mixed Over 50 Division 1

Gold: Cheryl Thomas & Jeff Kilburn

Silver: Maggie Evans & Joe Trusso

Bronze: Kirsten MacTavish & Jeff Butterfield

Honorable Mention: Natalie Greene & Tom Greene

Intermediate Mixed Over 50 Division 2

Gold: Lisa Dennison & David Poplawski

Silver: Tina Palmero & Chris Martin

Bronze: Divya Bhatia & Warren Crow

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Gallow & Paul Batchelder