Q & A about the Pickleball518 Novice Club

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The Pickleball518 Novice is brand new and will evolve based on what the club members want. Here are answer to some questions you might have. You can join the club here: https://www.pickleball518.com/novice-club

Do you schedule court time for the group?

There will be scheduled meetups for recreational play at outdoor courts once the weather has improved. I am aiming for at least one scheduled gathering a month, but members will have each other’s contact information and can arrange additional meetups. 

Is court time free?

When we play at public courts, it is free. If we play at private indoor venues like Sportime, Impact, Ciccotti, YMCAs, there will be an additional fee if you attend.

Where do you play?

That will depend on where members live. The recreational meetups will be held at public courts around the Capital Region in Guilderland, Colonie, Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, Bethlehem, Voorheesville, and possibly Glens Falls, Queensbury and Columbia and Greene County if members live there. There will also be special events at local indoor venues so Novice Club members can experience different settings and learn about the programs the venues offer.

Are there instructional sessions?

Some sessions will include mini-clinics followed by social play. Some meetups will simply be recreational games. I also hope to arrange clinics with local instructors at a discount for Novice Club members. 

What are the benefits of joining?

The benefit is you will meet new players like yourself and have a great time. My goal is to create fun experiences and create a community of people that can grow together as they learn the game. Everyone will receive a list of places to play pickleball in the region and contact information for other Novice Club members.