WINNERS of raffle items at Dink for a Cure at Siena College

The raffle items at the 2nd Annual Dink for a Cure 2024 helped raise more than $2,000 for the Arthritis Foundation. Thank you everyone for your support!

Below are the winners:

Diadem Warrior Edge Paddle

(Value: $150)

Winner: Mary Pat Knepper

Gearbox Pro Power Elongated

Power. Spin. Plush Feel. Touch. Precision. Reach. The Pro Power Elongated paddle is an innovative breakthrough for pickleball enthusiasts who crave unmatched power and precision. Engineered with new patent-pending technologies for a next level performance, this paddle’s elongated shape extends your reach and amplifies spin potential, allowing you to dominate your opponent with every swing. With the Pro Power Intelligent Sweet Spot, you’ll experience a winning combination of strength, power, and sheer excitement, making it the ultimate choice for players who are focused on the win. Its quiet sound will keep your opponent on edge as they try to decipher the sound of your winning shot.

With baseball cap and paddle cover.

(Value: $300+)

Winner: Joe Schember

Gearbox PRO Power Integra

Power. Spin. Touch. Plush Feel. Maneuverability. Its ingenious Integra™ shape gives the paddle extreme maneuverability, allowing for lightning-fast shots, precise ball placement, and the finesse needed for those delicate drop shots. This Pro paddle strikes the perfect balance between power, touch and feel.

With baseball cap and paddle cover.

(Value: $300+)

Winner: Tom Mooney

JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16 Pickleball Paddle

Ben Johns’ new paddle has been carefully engineered, utilizing direct R&D feedback from the World #1 pickleball player, to win in competition. Boasting new Charged Carbon surface technology, the JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16 provides impressive power and pop and produces incredibly precise shots. The sweet spot-optimization expands the optimal hitting area and enhances your connection to the paddle, so that you are always in command of your game. The paddle is further bolstered by a grippy Carbon Friction textured surface to generate maximum spin. The carbon-framed design fortifies the paddle’s strength and durability to ensure a consistent playing experience game after game.

(Value: $200)

Winner: Michael Schneider

Alpha Zero Gravity (Stealth Black)

The Zero Gravity is Alpha’s lowest profile Pickleball Paddle. It’s sleek design moves through the air so easily. Alpha’s Thermoformed/Foam Injected Molding creates a more stable paddle and enhanced sweet spot.  Not only is this paddle very fast but it also packs a punch, the Alpha Poly Power Core gives you all the power you need to blow your opponent’s out of the water. Alpha’s ProGrit Tech will give you all the spin you need, to make your opponents dizzy. The Alpha Fusion Grip is the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

(Value: $175)

Winner: Mark Shoemaker

Engage Pursuit Pro1 6.0 Gold Lite

The NEW Pursuit Pro1 Power Series Raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Line of Paddles!  MachPro Polymer Core – Renowned for its unparalleled power. This new innovative core (never used before and designed by Engage) has been optimized to deliver maximum power while maintaining an extended hold time at the point of contact with the ball, resulting in enhanced spin and control on every shot. Redesigned Shape – More aerodynamic paddle shape to increase swing speed, allowing for faster hand speed creating more power and spin while optimizing the sweet spot for maximum forgiveness. Variable Release 2.0 Technology – Exclusive to the Pursuit Pro1, the 2.0 version amps up the excitement, delivering even more flex than its predecessors (the other paddles in the Pursuit line) so as you start to swing faster, the paddle flexes even more igniting your game with electrifying spin and power. Counter Balance Technology – Lowering the balance point of the paddle for quicker hand speed and less arm fatigue.

(Value: $260)

Winner: Barb Greco

Engage Evolution Extreme V2

The NEW Evolution Extreme v2, is combination of value and top-notch performance. 1. Raw Radial Carbon Fiber: Crafted for maximum spin and control, the raw carbon ensures an authentic feel with the perfect blend of finesse and power. 2. HoldTek Core: Revolutionized core technology to hold the ball longer for elevated touch and responsiveness, enabling you to dictate the point with more confidence. 3. PrecisionFoam Technology: Strategically injected foam expands the sweet spot, ensuring unmatched accuracy and consistent performance.  Experience reduced vibration for increased comfort and control. 4. Enlarged Sweet Spot: With a 5 1/4 inch grip length in an elongated paddle shape (length), we create an extended paddle face, enlarging the sweet spot for enhanced performance and accuracy. This, coupled with the PrecisionFoam Technology, ensures a larger and more forgiving hitting area.

(Value: $160)

Winner: Joe Carusone

PickleballApes Pro Line Energy S

Discover the “Pro Line Energy S” Paddle – a fusion of the beloved Dynamic Aramid Fiber Surface and the classic Hybrid shape. The Dynamic Aramid Fiber Surface uses sourced DuPont™ Kevlar® and Toray T700 CarbonFiber as its face material. The paddle has a 5 1/2 inch handle, a 16.4 inch length, and a 7.6 inch width, giving players a bigger sweetspot. With the “Pro Line Energy S”, you get advanced materials, great design, and perfect balance all in one.

(Value: $150)

Winner: Ann Gardner

2 gift cards for $120 at @ Picklers Pickleball Club

Two gift cards for $120 at the region’s newest indoor pickleball club located in Menands. The club has 6 dedicated indoor courts. Picklers climate-controlled courts provide a welcoming and vibrant space where players of all ages and skill levels can come together to enjoy this exciting sport.

90 Broadway Ave
Menands, NY 12204

(Value: $120 each)

Winner: Dino Pressley

$50 of court time at True Pickleball

Bring your friends to True Pickleball in Latham to see the new facility with six dedicated indoor courts. Each court has its own cabana so you can sit and watch the games. This package also includes a True Pickleball hoodie and blanket.

195 Troy-Schenectady Rd
Latham, NY 12110
(518) 776-1170

(Value: $125+)

Winner: Sheila McCart

Kinesiology tape from Heali Medical

Three rolls of kinesiology tape infused with magnesium and menthol. The tape provides temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis and injuries. It is also excellent for stability and support.  The rolls contain 20 pre-cut strips. 10 samples packs and three full roles of tape: Inspirational Words tape, Black Inspirational Tape and Biege Zebra tape; and 10 sample packs.

(Value: $100)

Winner: Mary Musca

A 3-and-1 session with instructor Diego Lebron

You and two friends can play in a 3-and-1 session with Diego. It is a mix of instruction and game play. Diego played Division 1 tennis at Siena College and is now pursuing a pro pickleball career.

Winner: Robin Storm

$100 gift certificate to the Paw House Inn – “Where dogs are family”

​The Paw House Inn in West Rutland, Vermont, is a dog friendly hotel is like no other.  With eight beautiful guest rooms and suites and two charming country cottages Paw House Inn provides a new standard for dog friendly comfort.  ​More than one dog?  No problem!  Choose your room or country cottage to help you select the “pawfect” dog friendly getaway.  

The Paw House Pack

(Value: $100)

Winner: Joan Curcio

Two free entries into the Compass Draw

Meet new people and compete in this unique tournament that plays out over the course of a few months. Compass Draw tells you who to play and you set up your games. Winners of this raffle will get a free entry to the Compass Draw tournament of their choice.

(Value: $30 each)

Winner: Clay Ford

Stanley, socks and tournament fees from Pickleball518

Pickleball518 brings you all the pickleball news in the Capital Region. Now you can hit the courts in these stylish Pickleball518 socks, hydrate with a new Stanley and get $50 off your next Pickleball518 tournament.


Winner: Jenn Kendrick

Stained glass pickleball suncatchers from Caren’s Stained Glass gallery

These custom made suncatchers are unique and colorful. Made by a pickleball player for pickleball players!

(Value: Priceless)

Winner: Annie Whalen

More raffle items

  • 1 free night at Albany Marriott and two breakfasts, ($175 value) Winner: Lori Dunigan
  • 3 gift cards to Bella Napoli, pastries and sandwiches, ($15 value each) Winner: Mary Ann Mannato
  • A gift card to Bellini’s Counter – wraps, pasta and salad, ($25 value) Winner: Anne Trimble
  • A gift card to Ann’s Salon in Troy ($25 value) Winner: Frank Sulkey

Online raffle for signed Anna Leigh Waters paddle

The winner of the signed Anna Leigh Waters paddle was Margaret Ostrom of Schenectady County.