New Fall 2023 Compass Draw Tournament is forming

Registration is open for a new 2023 Fall Compass Draw Tournament. Games start Aug. 29. There are divisions for women’s and mens doubles intermediate and advanced and men’s singles.

Here are the winners from the 2023 Spring/Summer Compass Draw Tournament: Results from 2023 Spring Compass Draw Tournament in the Capital Region

Don’t know what a Compass Draw Tournament is? Read more about it: What is this Compass Draw tournament coming to the Capital Region?

Tournament director Tom Polk provided details about the fall tournament:

Fall Tournament League Announcement

Play will begin on Tuesday, August 29th

Since we are getting a late start on the Fall tournament this year, we have decided to run it with one key change:  each round will last 10 days instead of 14 days.  This should allow us to complete the tournament in 60-70 days (just over two months).

With this in mind, please be sure to register only if you are able to commit to a one match every ten days schedule (using subs as needed). Experience has shown that this is typically not a problem as long as you setup your matches right away 

Also be aware that the weather can be unpredictable and you may need to play a match at an indoor facility.  In these cases, each player is responsible for his or her own court fees.

Our target size for each division is 8 teams (or 8 players in the singles division).  Of course, if we fill the spots up quickly, we can expand these divisions to 16 teams/players.  Also, if we don’t quite fill a division, no worries; we can also run them with 4 or 6 teams (or players) using a round-robin format for the initial seeding draw.

The cost is $25 per player for doubles and $30 per player for singles. 

Looking for a doubles partner?  We have a PartnerFinder list to help you out!

Here is a quick overview of the highlights of this type of tournament league.  You can also find out more on the website ( by watching the videos and reading the FAQs.