Medalists in 2023 Thanksgiving at Emma Willard pickleball tournament

More than 100 players competed in the 2023 Thanksgiving at Emma Willard Pickleball tournament in Troy, N.Y. on Nov. 18 and 19. Here are the winners and photos of the competitors. The tournament included events for high school and college players.

Advanced high school and college division

  • Gold: Carter Tyer and Noah Wilkerson
  • Silver: Alex Lantiegne and Tyler Lantiegne
  • Bronze: Tony Cotugno and Peter Bojarczuk

Intermediate high school and college division

  • Gold: Ashley Bray and Omar Santiago-Rodriguez of Russell Sage College
  • Silver: Jordyn Townsend and Drew Townsend, of Guilderland High School
  • Bronze: Saranya Nallamothu (Guilderland High School) and Carmella Murray (Niskayuna High School)

Women’s doubles 2.5

  • Gold: Tanya Mallette and Kacey Mann
  • Silver: Clare Miner and Tammy Thayer
  • Bronze: Charee Hendricks and Lynne Oudekerk

Women’s doubles 3.0

  • Gold: Lauren LiGreci and Holly Traver
  • Silver: Tracey Tidgewell and Patty Seeberger
  • Bronze: Kim Madden and Dina Abderhalden

Women’s doubles 3.5

  • Gold: Anne Schramm and Suzanne Seay
  • Silver: Donna Dowling and Julie West
  • Bronze: Michelle Johnson and Mary Knepper

Women’s doubles 4.0

  • Gold: Melissa Arnold and Caren Price
  • Silver: Aj Labate and Dawn Petit
  • Bronze: Marina Metzold and Debra Murray