Indoor pickleball venues paused for COVID and a few never came back

Outdoor pickleball boomed during COVID, but many indoor programs were put on hold and some never returned.

YMCA Duanesburg closed during the pandemic and the YMCA has announced it will not reopen.

According to the Daily Gazette, Schenectady County hopes to buy the Duanesburg YMCA facility and use it for universal pre-Kindergarten for Duanesburg Central School District while finding an outside group to run the health center.

YMCA Troy reopened but has not re-started pickleball programs. The program may return in 2023.

The Schenectady YMCA has also re-opened but has not brought back pickleball, yet.

Rotterdam Senior Center paused pickleball during COVID and it has not resumed but the town is working on creating outdoor courts at Juracka Park.


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