How to register for a pickleball tournament on Pickleball Brackets

If this is your first time using Pickleball Brackets

Here is some information on how to sign up for a tournament.

  1. Create a Pickleball Brackets profile using a unique email address
  2. Register for the tournament on Pickleball Brackets
  3. Pay the tournament registration fee on Pickleball Brackets

If you do not have a partner for the tournament, you can click the “Need a partner” button when you are registering for an event.

If you have a partner, you can search for them in the Pickleball Brackets system when you are registering for an event. Players that have a Pickleball Brackets profile will show up in the search. If you do not see your partner’s name, you must enter their name and email address.

This is important: You are not fully registered for an event until you have a partner AND they have 1) Registered 2) Paid and, 3) The registration system has properly connected you two as partners.

If there is a “ghost” next to a player’s name on the Pickleball Brackets event description page, that means a player has not fully registered and the team may be bumped to the waitlist. Read more about the “ghost” here: