How to join Pickleball518’s DUPR club

To join Pickleball518’s DUPR Club…

  1. Go to the to check to see if you already have a profile. If you have played in a tournament, it is possible that you already have a profile. Click the “claim account” button a profile already exists. If not, create a new profile.
  2. Once you are logged into to DUPR, you can search the club listings for Pickleball518 or go here: (You must be logged in to DUPR for this link to work).
  3. Click “Join” to become a club member. Your request will be approved as soon as possible.

What next?

  • Download the DUPR app on your phone IOS | Android
  • Read more about DUPR in the Capital Region.
  • Tell you friends to get DUPR profiles, and if you all agree before you begin a match, enter the final game scores into DUPR.