How to join a DUPR club

How to join a DUPR club.

DUPR is a rating system for pickleball players and pickleball organizers can create “clubs” on DUPR. Game results entered by club leaders carry more weight that self-reported game results.

So how do you join a DUPR pickleball club?

1) Check to see if you have a DUPR profile on

You may have DUPR profile even if you didn’t create it. If you played in a tournament, DUPR may already have some of your info. If you see an account there, use DUPR’s contact page to contact DUPR and claim your profile. If you don’t see a profile…

2) Create a DUPR profile

Create a login on DUPR and it will show you the steps to complete your profile.

3) Search for a DUPR club

Once you have a DUPR account, you can join DUPR clubs. Click on “Clubs” in the left rail menu and search for a club like Pickleball518:

Once the club profile appears, you can click the “Join” button. The club administrator will receive an email with your request and must manually accept it.

What next?

  • Download the DUPR app on your phone IOS | Android
  • Read more about DUPR in the Capital Region.
  • Tell you friends to get DUPR profiles, and if you all agree before you begin a match, enter the final game scores into DUPR.