How do I change my self-rating on Pickleball Brackets?

How to change your self rating in Pickleball Brackets

When you create your profile on Pickleball Brackets, you have to self-rate your pickleball skill level.

There are tools to help you find out your right rating (USA Pickleball definitions and, more fun, PickleHeads quiz, but sometimes we get it wrong. The good news is you can change your self-rating.

1) Go to “My Profile” in the top right corner of your Pickleball Brackets account.

    2) Go to the #5 box in your profile and update your self- rating

    Eventually your self-rating will be replaced by your real rating after you play in a couple tournaments and your game scores build a more accurate rating. Until then, your self-rating determines which events you are allowed to enter in a tournament.