Hillhurst pickleball courts in Schenectady are open

Six dedicated pickleball courts have opened at Hillhurst Park in Schenectady, a few miles down the road from the Via Aquarium.

Richard Unger, a leader of the Mohawk Pickleball Club, sent a thank you note to Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy.

Mr Mayor McCarthy,

On behalf of all pickleball players in Schenectady and especially the Mohawk Pickleball Club, I want to thank you for presiding over the official opening of the Hillhurst Park pickleball courts; Schenectady’s first, and the region’s best, pickleball courts. Even the light rain and drizzle was unable to dampen the spirits and enthusiasm of those that attended the event. Your presentation was wonderful, thanking and commending all of those who worked so hard and diligently to bring pickleball courts to Schenectady. This included all of the elected officials who have supported and championed the effort, those involved in designing the courts, and finally those involved in constructing the courts. It was a team effort and we owe you and your team many thanks for successfully providing our community with the best courts in the area.

As we move forward, the Mohawk Pickleball Club wants you to know that we will be here to help with any future youth or adult programs involving pickleball. We would love to work with Parks and Recreation Director Mr. Willie Deane, to develop, organize and assist in summer pickleball camps and lessons for youth or adults interested in learning the game. There is a reason pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America: it is fun, social, healthy, and can be played for a lifetime.

The Mohawk Pickleball Club is proud to be part of the Schenectady community. Thank you for your leadership and especially thank you for officially opening the brand new Hillhurst Park Pickleball Courts to the public. We are all excited. Thank you.