Help update the map of pickleball courts in Upstate New York

Below is a map of nearly 100 pickleball courts in New York’s Greater Capital Region. Please help update it and correct any errors.

You can submit your edits and updates here:

(You can also add a new court using the “add court” button on the map. But if you want to share an update or correction on an existing map point, you need to use the link above.)

I would like to have a description for each court that includes:

  1. Indoor or outdoor
  2. The number of courts
  3. Type of playing surface
  4. Type of nets
  5. Is it public/private, membership only? Does it have drop-in hours. Is it available for rent?
  6. How to access court schedule/open plays (i.e. Team Reach or Playtime Scheduler)
  7. The web address for the courts (if there is one)

The description would look something like this

2 outdoor courts on asphalt with portable pickleball nets. Open play hours are posted on Team Reach with code 123abc. Website: (Public, drop-ins, rentals)

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