Don’t get ghosted in a Pickleball Brackets tournament

So your partner registered you for a pickleball tournament and you think you are all set. But wait, there is a ghost next to your name on the Pickleball Brackets registration site.

What does the red ghost mean on Pickleball Brackets?

So you see this … What is it?

The ghost means you are not officially registered. Don’t ignore it.

Pickleball Brackets, a popular platform for running pickleball tournaments, requires that each player in a doubles team register separately. If there is a ghost next to your name, you are not registered for the event. (Your partner may list you when they register themselves, but that does NOT register you.)

Your team might be bumped to the waitlist if you don’t register and get rid of the ghost.

The ghost also matters if your team is waitlisted. If another team withdraws from the event and a spot becomes available, the software will go to the waitlist to find a new team. But if your team has a ghost player, the software will skip over you and accept the next waitlisted team with two fully registered players.

Bonus tip: If you register for an event (in Pickleball Brackets) that is already full, you can register for the event and get on the waitlist without paying. If a tournament spot opens up and you are next on the waitlist, your team will be moved into the tournament and you have a grace period to pay the registration fee. The grace period may vary by tournament.

What does the blue ghost mean on Pickleball Brackets?

So you see this … What is it?

The blue ghost means a player has registered for the tournament, but has not registered for this particular event/division. A team with a blue ghost is in danger of being automatically moved to the waiting list because they are not fully registered and paid for the individual event.

How do you check Pickleball Bracket to make sure you are fully registered?

Go to the main tournament page, and click on events. You can either search by your name or find the events you are playing in. If your team is fully registered, you will not see a ghost and the word “TEAM” will be appear to the left of you team. If you see a ghost next to a team member’s name or the word “WAIT”, you are not registered to play. In the screengrab below, two teams have been moved to the waitlist because one team member has not registered for the event and paid. They are wait listed even though there is space in event.

You should register and pay as soon as possible. Teams that are lower on the wait list can jump ahead of you by registering and paying the event fees. This matters more when there is a limited number of teams allowed into the event.

So, check the tournament site! Don’t be ghosted.