Don’t get ghosted in a Pickleball Brackets tournament

The Albany Capital Center Classic pickleball tournament is so full that most divisions have a wait list. So, you think you registered for the January pickleball tournament,  but wait, there is a ghost next to your name on the Pickleball Brackets registration site.

What does the ghost mean?

The ghost means you are not officially registered. Don’t ignore it.

Pickleball Brackets, a popular platform for running pickleball tournaments, requires that a player both 1) Register with the website AND 2) Pay the tournament fees. It’s not enough for your partner to register your team.

This really matters if your team is on the wait list. If a slot becomes available, the software will skip over a team that has a ghost player and automatically accept the next available team with two fully registered players.

Don’t be ghosted. Check the tournament site.

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