CourtReserve helps Albany NY area pickleball clubs manage courts

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Pickleball players can access club calendars, sign up for open play and book courts using CourtReserve, even if they are not club members.

CourtReserve was created to solve a problem.

Ashley and Tim Owens were avid tennis players living outside of Charlotte, N.C. They had day jobs and taught tennis at a local tennis club. The problem was, they never knew when courts were available for games or lessons.

“Our club was about 20 minutes away from our home and we would get in the car and drive over and have to wait,” Ashley said. “There was a whiteboard. You had to put your name on the whiteboard to get a reservation on the tennis court, and the only way you knew about classes is if you know you looked on the corkboard while you happened to be at the club.”

Ashley and Tim Owens, co-founders of CourtReserve.

They thought there must be a better way. Ashley was in medical sales and marketing and Tim was a software developer who had already created a program for running tennis leagues called TennisRungs. They decided to create a court reservation software for their club and CourtReserve was born.

CourtReserve helps club administrators to manage court bookings, signups for lessons, events and open plays and to schedule instructors. It also handles payments and communication with players.

Today, CourtReserve is used by 1,500 clubs and 2.5 million tennis and pickleball players.

Pickleball518 reached out to CourtReserve for an interview because three clubs in the Albany, N.Y., area use the platform: The Clifton Park Pickleball Club at Hockey Hut, True Pickleball Club in Latham and Legacy Pickleball Club in Ballston Spa. All three facilities allow non-members free access to their CourtReserve calendars. With one login, players can toggle between all three clubs and sign up for open plays and other events.

The pickleball side of the CourtReserve business is growing, as is the Owens’ dedication to the sport.

“My husband won’t tell you this but he was anti-pickleball,” Ashley said. Tim figured he would play pickleball when he retired.

But they kept hearing about the game so they went to Florida to watch a tournament. They noticed how much fun people were having and when they went back to their hotel, they borrowed some wooden pickleball paddles and started to play on the hotel’s court. Tim was hooked. He has barely played tennis since discovering pickleball in 2019. The Owens have moved to Florida and are opening a two-court pickleball facility in St. Augustine and plan to build a 12-court facility.

CourtReserve is used by small facilities and large franchises. The platform is customizable so clubs can decide which features to use. The software allows players to pay for courts, split the costs with friends, manage their family members’ court reservations and view event calendars. Players can also sync their bookings with their personal calendars.

CourtReserve introduced a DUPR integration in 2023. DUPR is a pickleball player rating system. The DUPR add-on allows clubs to sync with the DUPR ratings and upload game scores to the DUPR system. Before the DUPR connection, player skill ratings in CourtReserve were created by the club or players and were not shared outside the club. The DUPR integration is optional allowing individual clubs to decide whether to use it.

The company is working on new features including team-based leagues, more data and analytics for club administrators and converting their universal app into branded mobile apps that allow each club to customize the mobile experience for players.

The company hopes to be in 10,000 clubs in 10 years.

And here are 10 tips for players using CourtReserve.