“Club Day” details for Dink for a Cure pickleball tournament at Siena

Get ready for team competition at the “Dink for a Cure” pickleball tournament at Siena College.

Friday, June 21 is Club Day!

Your team can be a formal club, a team of co-workers or a church group, family-members or friends (preferably with a fun name).

REGISTRATION LINK: https://pickleballbrackets.com/?dinkforacure2024

There are four skill divisions: 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.0+.

This is not a typical MLP style event. It is a hybrid that allows teams maximum flexibility for building their roster. Teams will play men’s and women’s doubles round-robins simultaneously, followed by mixed doubles.

Medals will be awarded to the top teams in each division.

To field a complete club roster, you must register teams in the same skill division (i.e. CLUB 3.0) in all four events: 1) Men’s doubles 2) Women’s doubles 3) Mixed doubles A and 4) Mixed doubles B.

The club with the highest number of victories in the four events determines the winner in each division.

Tie breakers are 1. Head-to-head (If more than two teams are tied, head-to-head will not be used) 2. Points against 3. Points for

Club Day Schedule (Exact times TBD)

Friday, June 21

Men’s and women’s doubles: 3 p.m.
Mixed doubles: 5:30 p.m.


  • The event should take about five hours from start to finish, but players only need to be present for the events they are competing in.
  • Teams must have a minimum of 2 men and 2 women and can have as many as 4 men and 4 women.
  • Players may play up a skill level, but they may not play down.
  • Games will be round-robins with gender doubles first followed by mixed doubles (different than MLP format)
  • Games will be to 11, win by 2.
  • Each player must register individually on Pickleball Brackets for each event they will compete in, i.e. CLUB 3.0 women’s doubles and CLUB 3.0 Mixed doubles A.
  • The cost will vary for each player depending on how many events you play in. The tournament registration fee covers the cost of one event. Each additional event will cost $20, including any events you play on Saturday and Sunday during the traditional doubles events.
  • When registering, you will be asked your club/team name. If your club is sending multiple teams, please indicate which club team you are competing for. Try to use the same name as your teammates. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Clubs may register multiple teams but individual players can only play on one team.
  • Choose a team captain and have the captain email me at cathleen@pickleball518.com.

Scenario 1 – Multiple teams, different skill levels

Club Dink has a 4.0 team and 3.5 team in the competition. Each team has its own set of players and players can only compete at one skill division.

Scenario 2 – Multiple teams, same skill level

Club Pickleball has two teams competing in the 3.5 division as “Club Pickleball Team 1” and “Club Pickleball Team 2”. Players on Team 1 cannot compete on Team 2. These two teams may face each other during the round robin play and both teams could be on the medal stand.

Scenario 3 – Minimum number of players

Club Pickleball team has 2 men and 2 women:
Women’s doubles: Kiesha and Lulu
Men’s doubles: Frank and Juan
Mixed doubles I: Kiesha and Frank
Mixed doubles II: Lulu and Juan

Scenario 4 – maximum number of players

Team Dink has 4 men and 4 women:
Women’s doubles: Kate and Sheena
Men’s doubles: Rogerio and Paul
Mixed doubles I: Kiki and Mo
Mixed doubles II: Puneet and Duane

To register for the tournament, go here: https://pickleballbrackets.com/?dinkforacure2024

If you have questions, email me at cathleen@pickleball518.com