Becky Kern’s new venture brings pickleball pros to the Albany NY area

If you dream of learning pickleball from a pro in Florida, your wish may come true at least the lesson-from-a-pro part.

Becky Kern Pickle with Pros
Becky Kern

Saratoga Springs pickleball player Becky Kern has started the Capital Region’s latest pickleball endeavor: Pickle with Pros. Becky intends to recruit pros to visit the area and give lessons to advanced players who want to bring their game to the next level.

Becky is a veteran public relations professional who owns Kern Communications. Her pickleball game has improved rapidly by playing tough opponents locally and traveling to tournaments and clinics as well as taking lessons from pros in Florida.

“I thought why not bring pros to Upstate so I don’t have to travel as much and so others can benefit too,” Becky said.

Pickle with Pros’ first event is scheduled for Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day weekend) at True Pickleball in Latham. The pros are husband and wife duo Ryler DeHeart and Megan Fudge, who travel the country in an RV with their children and compete at tournaments and teach pickleball.

The cost is $150 per person for a one-hour Three & Me session where the pro plays with three students, and $175 per player for a 90-minute small group clinic with a pro. The clinics will focus on strategy, mechanics and mindset.

An exhibition match between the pros and our region’s top players will follow the clinics.

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Megan Fudge is one of the top female players on the pro tour and was the top female medal earner in 2023 on the APP tour. In 2023, Megan competed on multiple MLP teams and Ryler won the MLP Challenger League Title with the Chicago Slice.

Becky, meanwhile, is still working her day job but is searching for more pros for the next Pickle with Pros event.