Albany rips up pickleball courts at Capital Hills

The city of Albany tore off the top layer of the tennis-courts-turned-pickleball courts at Capital Hills at Albany golf course, but sources say the pickleball courts will be back.

The city converted the tennis court at the city-owned golf course into four pickleball courts in the fall of 2022, but pickleball players noted the courts were laid out a little too close and players on adjacent courts would bump into each other. It appears the city listened and is working on a remedy.

Pickleball518 readers sent in photos of the excavation and asked me what was happening. I finally tracked down some information about the courts at the city-owned golf course.

Mickey Cleary, an Albany County legislator and a up-and-coming pickleball enthusiast, reached out to the Albany Department of General Services.

Cleary learned that, when the weather warms up, the courts are going to be re-surfaced and re-painted for pickleball. He was promised that the courts would be ready by the time the golf season begins, which is typically the third week in April.

It is unclear how many courts will ultimately be there.

Note: Thank you Pickleball518 readers for the tip and to Mickey Cleary for getting the update. Tips and stories ideas are always welcome. You can reach me at