Airbnb your next pickleball court

Backyard pickleball courts are popping up around the neighborhood, and one Greene County family took it a step further. They put their home pickleball court on Airbnb.

Meet your host, Clayton.

“Pickleball has become a big part of my life for the past several years. My grandson and I learned to play at the local YMCA and have enjoyed playing the game for several years. We have had the opportunity to play in a few tournaments and have taken lessons from a few well known pros. I love playing the game with family and friends so much that I had a pickleball court built on my front lawn. Now I can play every day. I have introduced the game to many people of all ages to enjoy.”

For $25 per person, the court rental comes with a 30 minute lesson. Check back for available dates in the spring when the snow melts off the court.

Classifieds of note

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