A few spots left in Albany tournament on MLK weekend

More than 170 players have registered for the 1st Annual Albany Capital Center Classic Pickleball Tournament that is being held from Jan. 13-15, 2023, in downtown Albany. There are still a few events with openings. Registration closes on Monday, Jan. 2.

Open events include:

  • Mixed Doubles, 4.0-4.5, Age: 50+ , 1 Team needed
  • Mixed Doubles, 4.0-4.5, Age: 14-49, 4 Teams needed
  • Women’s Doubles, 3.0-3.5, Age: 14-49, 1 Team needed
  • Men’s Singles, 3.0-3.5, Age: 50+, 2 players needed

Register here on Pickleball Brackets website.

If you think you already registered, make sure you check the website to confirm. Players that have a ghost next to their name are either not fully registered or have not paid. You will not be considered registered until you clear up the ghost.

Read more here: Don’t get ghosted in a Pickleball Brackets tournament

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