10 tips for players using CourtReserve

CourtReserve is a court management platform for pickleball and tennis clubs. Here are some tips for players on how to make the most of it.

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#1 – Sign up, create a profile and see any club’s calendar for free

CourtReserve is free for players. Most clubs allow non-member guests free access to their CourtReserve calendar, which provides a treasure trove of information about the club’s daily calendar and upcoming events.

First, create a login/profile on CourtReserve. You can go to the CourtReserve main website and select “Free trial” or use this link: https://app.courtreserve.com/account/register?t=2.

Second, you must select a club as part of the registration process, but don’t worry, you can add and delete clubs later.

Third, you will fill out basic profile questions from CourtReserve and specific questions from the club. You will be required to provide your credit card number. Your credit card will only be charged if you sign up for an Open Play, book a court or buy a club membership. If you don’t book or buy anything, you can just view the club calendar… for free.

#2 – You only need ONE CourtReserve account

One individual CourtReserve login gives you access to any number of clubs. You can toggle between clubs and add more clubs by clicking on your name in the top right corner and choosing the “My organizations” page.

One important thing to note: CourtReserve is highly customizable so each club may choose to use different features. As a result, each of your club’s CourtReserve pages may look very different, but the fundamental features like calendars, events and registrations work the same for every club.

#3 – Share your skill rating

By sharing your rating, the club can send you direct messages when there is a league or event that fits your skill level. Here is the USA Pickleball guide for skill ratings or you can use this fun tool from Pickleheads to determine your rating.

Typically, your CourtReserve skill rating is specific to the club and is not shared with other clubs on the platform. However, CourtReserve has an integration with DUPR, a pickleball rating system. The CourtReserve add-on allows clubs to import player’s DUPR ratings and add game scores to the DUPR system. Individual clubs choose whether to use the DUPR integration.

#4 – Download the mobile app

The app lets you do everything from your phone: add a club, book a court, join an open play.

#5 – Opt-in for text messaging and app notifications

When you add a new club, it will often ask you to opt-in to receiving text messages and push notifications. I recommend opting in. Most club’s use these messages sparingly and they are used for useful communications like the courts are closed because of weather or a substitute player is needed matching your exact skill category. You also get reminders about events you signed up for.

#6 – View upcoming events

From the CourtReserve club’s home page, click on Events >> Calendar to see all the events planning for a full month from lessons, clinics, leagues, drill sessions, open plays and tournaments. It’s a great way to plan ahead.

#7 – Find out where you can play RIGHT NOW

When I have an urgent need to play pickleball, my favorite method for finding a game is the CourtReserve page designated “Book a court” on desktop (it’s called “Reserve” on the mobile app.) This screen gives an overview of how every court is being allocated today. You can see which courts are available for rent, or not available, and you can see any lessons or Open Plays happening on each court. This is my go-to screen for last-minute pickleball cravings.

#8 – See who is coming

Most clubs let you see who has signed up to attend an Open Play, league or tournament. When you see an event on the calendar, click on it to see the details. Usually, you will see the list of registered players. Some clubs turn this off for certain events so it may vary, but it is always fun to see who is coming.

#9 – Sync your calendar

You can sync your CourtReserve bookings with your personal calendar so any Open Plays, lessons or events you register for on CourtReserve automatically show up on your calendar. Click on your name on the top right of the homepage and select Calendar feed.

#10 – Watch a video

CourtReserve has lots of videos on how to use the platform. Many of the videos are for club administrators using the backend of the system, but here are two key videos for players. The first one is an overview and the second shows you how to register for an event.